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My Review The portable Dewalt Tablesaw Model: DWE7480

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw Honest Review

From professional contractors, woodworkers to home owners, choosing the right table saw can at times, be confusing and frustrating. With an unlimited amount of table saws to choose from as well as price ranges, selecting the correct table saw to accommodate any particular given wood working project is crucial in the overall completion quality of the project in question.

In order to determine the best table saw, consideration for use of the saw and the material that requires ripping or cutting must be taken into consideration. Points to consider when selecting a table the correct table saw should be based on the following:
makita table saw honest review

  • Frequency of Use
  • Mobility or permanent installation
  • Types and length of material to be cut
  • Required accuracy
  • Accessories
  • Durability-Dependability
  • Warranty-Guarantees
  • Pricing

All table saws are designed for one practical function, to rip wood of various lengths, thickness and widths. Cutting or ripping wood with a table saw is one thing, however cutting wood with precision, speed and accuracy is yet another.

The Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand, known for superior durability and performance is the saw most often preferred and used by professionals who rely on consistent performance on a daily basis of the tools of their respected trades. With tool-less modular blade guard system and adjustable riving knife, the Makita 2705
rips through even the densest materials with ease and speed. Combined with the two (2) on board independent storable anti-kickback pawls and riving knife/spreader for precision cutting, the Makita 2705 offers numerous features that have been incorporated into the sleek and stylish design of this workhorse, not found on competitor’s similar models. Some of the exclusive features of the Makita 2705 include:

Versatility – Adjustable dual slide guards allow for ease of measurements from the blade to the rip fence for accurate cutting setups
Efficient – Riving knife/spreader adjusts to three (3) different positions for thorough , non-thorough dado cuts
Precision -  Precision-machined table top remains flat and true for accurate cuts
Performance – Right extension table allows for greater cutting capacity with the capability to rip 4 x 8 sheets of plywood in one smooth pass
22-1/4” deep table that can be extended from 29-5/8” to 42” wide to add the capacity needed to handle larger jobs
Delivering shop quality cuts on the job-site, the Makita 2705 powerful 15 amp self-enclosed motor delivers 4,800 rpm’s of true uninterrupted power with ample capabilities to produce consistent and precise cuts even through the hardest of materials. With a diamond hardened, 32 teeth, 10-inch well-balanced blade, the Makita 2705 delivers smooth cuts with no chipping or disruption of the remaining material surface. Combined with an electric brake for maximum productivity, safe operation and quick tool change, the Makita 2705 safety features represent the latest in leading edge technology, confirming the Makita 2705 as one of the safest table saws currently in use.

Engineered for remodelers, furniture makers, finish carpenters, cabinet installers and other professional trades, the Makita 2705 continues to be a popular choice of homeowners who enjoy creating week-end projects while saving money in the renovation of their existing homes. The Makita 2705 is often used by professional handymen who often travel from job-site to job-site daily relying on the portability, lightweight and ease of set-up and tear down capabilities of the Makita 2705, increasing their profit potential substantially. Rated as a true best-in-class for a wide range of professional and personal applications, the Makita 2705 is the most versatile and affordable table saw on the market today.

Available at all local home improvement stores and Amazon.com, the Makita 2705 is priced far below competitors’ models offering less features with increased prices. Available at Amazon.com, the Makita 2705 is very reasonably priced with up to 44% in savings over conventionally priced home improvement store pricing. The Makita 2705 offers a full-line of accessories each designed to complement the overall superior engineering of the rugged, yet durable configuration of this well-designed, high quality efficient table saw.

Ranked at 4-1/2 stars out of a possible 5 stars, on Amazon.com, the Makita 2705 continues to receive the support and recommendations that is justly deserving. The Makita 2705 continues  to receive loyal support and strong recommendations from present consumers, rating the Makita 2705 as one of the best selling, most reliable, table saws over all similar models. With a long reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable tools on the market today, the Makita Tool Corporation applies leading-edge innovations to manufacturer power tools that are compact and energy efficient, while delivering industrial-strength power and results. Where precision and accuracy are essential, the Makita 2705 out-performs all similar models with years of maintenance free operation.

Each Makita 2705 table saw is backed by a full one year warranty from the date of purchase. If for any reason the purchaser is not satisfied with the performance or operation of the Makita 2705, simply return the complete saw to an authorized Makita factory service center for a full  and complete refund. With millions of units sold since the initial introduction, the Makita 2705 remains one of the most “trouble-free” table saws currently available.

Since 1915, the Makita Tool Corporation has produced some of the most reliable and long lasting power tools in the world. With over 100 years experience as a leader in power tool technology, the Makita Tool Corporation continues to excel, introducing the latest in power tools with design features that all other competitors are quick to follow. The Makita 2705 is only one  superior tool in a long line of industrial-strength power tools manufactured by the Makita Tool Corporation.

Where excellence prevails, the Makita 2705 is sure to follow. As time progresses, more and more woodworking professionals have made the Makita 2705 a permanent part of their overall operation with continued in-shop use applications. When considering the purchase of a table saw, compare the features of the Makita 2705 to other similar models. Where quality remains  supreme, the Makita 2705 excels.

Dewalt DW744X 10-inch Job-Site Table Saw with 21-1/2 Inch Max-Rip Capacity

Backed by an impeccable reputation for manufacturing some of the most superior, reliable and durable tools in the world.  The DEWALT DW744X
presents a clear presentation of the quality that is an integral part of all Dewalt table saws.  Meeting the ever increasing demand by consumers for tool performance durability and affordability, the Dewalt DEWALT DW744X table saw meets and exceeds all such expectations with superior performance, withstanding the test of time from inclement weather conditions to rugged on-site construction uses with no reported loss of time due to malfunctions. Ranked as the preferred table saw by leading home builders, the DW744X table saw continues to excel where other similar saws fail.

Specifications of the Dewalt DW744X

Lightweight, weighing less than 60 pounds, the DW744X is a portable, versatile tool which can be moved from job site to job site requiring only one person. With the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, a patent of DEWALT DW744X, tool free adjustments are made easily for all applications. With a powerful 15-Amp self-enclosed motor delivering no-load speed of 3,650 RPMs, the DEWALT DW744X provides ample power to handles even the most difficult to cut materials smoothly, with no vibrations noted. With the Dewalt’s DW744X exclusive fence configuration, large materials measuring up to 24-1/2 inches can be easily ripped with speed and accuracy. Designed with the latest in safety features, the DW744X has received the highest recommendations from professional contractors of all similar saws further elevating the DEWALT DW744X superior ratings.

Precision Features of the Dewalt DW744X

With superior engineered design and manufacturing, the DEWALT DW744X offers features that are not found on competitor’s models. With safety as a top priority of the Dewalt Tool Corporation, all Dewalt table saws tools undergo a series of stringent tests to ensure total and complete customer safety and overall complete satisfaction. Exclusive features of the DW744X include but not limited to the following:

Telescoping fence of the DW744X delivers 24-1/2” rip capacity for large sheets of materials
Rack and pinion design of the Dewalt DW744X makes fence adjustment fast, smooth and accurate, remaining parallel to the blade at all times
Telescoping rails retract into the frame of the DW744X for easy storage and portability
Sophisticated electronic feedback with “soft start” technology maintains speed for precise, smooth cutting of all materials regardless of composition
Increased air flow allowing the enclosed motor of the Dewalt DW744X to run cooler
With the control switches of the DEWALT DW744X within easy reach, with “no-look” shutdown capabilities, the DW744X provides better control of the operation of the saw with operator focus on the material being cut and moving parts, not on the shut-down switching mechanism. A smartly designed and included push stick of the Dewalt DW744X is designed to self release in the event of accidental contact with the ten-inch , twenty-four teeth well-balanced blade of the DW744X. With on-board storage capacity, the Dewalt DW744X allows for easy access to the Site-Pro guarding components preventing damage and possible loss. Engineered for superior durability with a rugged metal frame, the Dewalt DW744X is designed to operate with superior maintenance-free performance year after year.

Warranty of the Dewalt DW744X Table Saw

Backed by one of the leading warranties of all available table saws, the DEWALT DW744X offers a generous three-year limited warranty in combination with a one-year “free service” contract at no additional cost. As with any such warranty, alterations to or removal of factory installed safety guards or other non-authorized modifications to the DW744X, will void all such implied warranties. The Dewalt Tool Corporation will not be held liable for any such alterations to the DEWALT DW744X, which may result in serious injury to the operator. For personal protection and safety, never remove factory installed safety guards from any tool, for any reason.

Pricing of the Dewalt DW744X

Competitively priced, the Dewalt DW744X is a great value with features not offered on any other similar competitor’s models. Available at most home improvement centers and through Amazon.com, the DW744X is well worth the investment and quite possibly the first and last table saw an individual, professional contractor or for personal home use, will ever have to purchase. Amazon.com offers fantastic deals on the Dewalt DW744X with new and used machines at drastically reduced suggested manufacturer retail pricing guides.

Reviews and Recommendations

The DEWALT DW744X table saw continues to receive strong recommendations and reviews from current owners of this well-built, designed and perfectly engineered tool. Rated at four and one-half stars out of a possible five stars, the DW744X continues to lead the way in superior performance with overall intrinsic value over all leading competitors’ models. Amazon.com rates the DewaltDW744X as the number one table saw due to over-whelming support of present users with continued sales in combination with strong reviews and recommendations from some of the most prestigious and well-respected product review publications in existence today.

In The Box

Enclosed in the distinctive yellow box with bold black lettering, the Dewalt DW744X comes complete with the following:

10” Job Site Table Saw
One (1) 10” 24-tooth carbide blade with superior balance and cutting ability
Portable table saw stand with easy “flat folding” capabilities for mobility and ease of transport
Miter gauge
Although some assembly is required, the Dewalt DW744X instruction manual compliments the easy to follow detailed instructions with supporting illustrations.

The Dewalt DW744X will continue to lead the way with the latest technology available in table saws for many years to come. Where other similar table saws may attempt to duplicate the features of the DW744X, only the Dewalt DW744X has a proven track record of superior performance that has made the Dewalt Tool Company one of the most successful companies in existence today. Where quality is essential in any tool, only the Dewalt DW744X table saw continues to “cut away” the competition revealing the obvious selection in a premier table saw for all applications, the Dewalt DW744X.

Powermatic Model 64A, 10” Table Saw with 1-2/3HP, 1Ph, 115/230V (Prewired 115V), 50” Accu-Fence System Review

For advent woodworkers or those professions that rely on a high quality table saw for a particular business application, choosing the first or replacement table saw is crucial in the overall success of any business that requires the ripping or cutting of various width and thicknesses of materials to precise dimensions with accuracy. Purchasing a saw that is inadequate for a given use results in lost time and profits, resulting in yet another replacement purchase being required. In business, “time is money” where the overall success of the business is directly related to having the proper tools to see that all jobs are completed on time and within the budget guidelines of all customers.

Undoubtedly, there are an unlimited number of table saws available each designed for a particular use with varying retail pricing, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Purchasing a table saw that is too small or large for the intended use, based on physical appearance or suggested retail pricing is certain a recipe for disaster with never-ending consequences. The misconception of purchasing higher priced table saws, which in some form or manner translates into a better overall table saw, is often plagued with poor decision making and the expenditure of funds inappropriately. Invariably, there is one table saw that meets and exceed all requirements regardless of the intended use, the Powermatic Model 64A.

Considered to be the “ ultimate” in table saws, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw, is a dream come true for all woodworkers, professional contractors and week-end home do-it-yourself individuals. Designed and typically used as a stationary saw, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw is by far the superior table saw when compared to all other competitor’s models. To date, the Powermatic Model 64A is the most widely purchased table saw chosen by professionals over all other available models.

Driven by the exclusive 3VX belt, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw offers increased efficiency when compared to standard drive belts. With limited vibration and smooth operation, the 3VX drive system of the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw allows for cutting of wider stock faster with 100% accuracy on a continual passes. The T-slot miter gauge of the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw keeps material tight against the Accu-Fence System for accurate cuts on all passes of the material with no binding or kickbacks noted. The left tilting arbor of Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw tilts the blade away from the operator eliminating the need for additional “home-made” fences, reducing the risk of materials falling under and binding the table.

Powered by a rugged and reliable 1-1/2Hp, totally enclosed motor, with an operating arbor at 4,500 RPM’s, the Powermatic Model 64A possesses the raw power that is needed to slice through even the most difficult materials with limited effort and no noticeable reduction in RPM speed of the 1-1/2” motor. The 1-1/2HP motor is quiet, compared to other manufacturers models, with no heating noted, even when used under the most extreme and continual applications. The power of 1-1/2HP motor of the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw is responsive, reaching maximum operating speed in less than 10 seconds which is impressive and economical. Backed by an unprecedented 5 year warranty on not only the powerful motor of the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw but on the entire saw, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw offers unlimited protection that supersedes all other competitor’s models offering limited warranties.

With the removable and lockable push button safety key for added operator safety, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw offers features at no additional cost that are not found or offered on similar competitors’ models. These features include:
  • Precision ground cast iron table with beveled edge to reduce damage to materials
  • Accu-Fence, offered only on the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw, with 30” or 50” to the right cutting capacity
  • T-slot miter gauge with stops, permitting wider cross cutting of various materials
  • Quick-connect power cord for rapid mobility
  • Two extension wings with mirror-like finish
  • Easier alignment of fence rails keeping rails parallel to the table top

Versatile and dependable even after many years of service, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw takes the places of many similar saws in the shop all wrapped into one, affordable, reliable machine with a proven reputation that has withstood the test of time under all such conditions.

Designed and predominately used as a stationary saw in some of the most well known and respected high-end cabinet producing shops in the country, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw is the premier workhorse that is relied on for continual clean, accurate cuts on some of the most expensive materials used to produce custom cabinetry. Where accuracy is crucial, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw delivers.

Pricing for the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw varies from dealer to dealer however is priced slightly higher than some similar competitive models. Well worth the investment, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw is the first and last table saw that any individual, professional or homeowner will have to purchase in his or her lifetime. With a pre-selected list of authorized dealers available at Amazon.com, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw is limited in quantities at some dealerships due to the ever increasing demand for this fantastic rugged, durable workhorse. Visit our Pinterest profile.

Rated at a very impressive 5 out of a possible 5 stars, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw continues to excel in design and application features where all other competitors’ models are lacking. Ranked as the leader in stationary saws, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw continues to receive strong recommendations and reviews from thousands of present satisfied customers that rely on versatility and the performance of one of the best table saws ever made, the Powermatic Model 64A, 10” table saw.