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Jet 708315BTC JBTS-10BT-13 15Amp Benchtop Table Saw

Looking for a table saw, whether a professional woodworker or for a small shop in the corner of the garage, one apparent detail comes immediately to mind, while reviewing all of the online research material gathered. All saws proclaim to have features that are better than the competitors although, when reviewing the gathered information, the similarities are strikingly apparent. While colors and visual appearances may be immediately recognizable according to a specific brand or manufacturer, the nuts and bolts of the saw are for all practical purposes the same, yet there remains a very noticeable difference in the retail pricing. Interesting, to say the least.
There are many variables involved that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a table saw. Purchasing a table saw based on price, or the “cheapest” is not always the best nor is it the worst case scenario. Depending on the intended use and the material that the table saw is required to cut proficiently and accurately, selecting a table saw based on price alone is in fact an uninformed decision with possible negative consequences. Of all available table saws on the market, dollar for dollar, the JET 708315BTC JBTS-10BT-3 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw meets and exceeds all parameters required of a table saw, from performance to pricing and beyond.
Weighing only 62 pounds, the JET 708315BTC JBTS-10BT-3 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw is a light and versatile table saw constructed with a rust and scratch resistant hardened finish that is capable of withstanding all extreme conditions, from inclement weather to remote construction sites. The especially designed rubber handles for mobility of the JET 708315BTC  table saw are centrally placed allowing for mobility with limited effort required, an exclusive feature not found or offered on similar competitor models.
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Designed for performance and reliability the JET 708315BTC  table saw incorporates one of the most powerful 15 Amp motors available, operating at an impressive 5,000 RPM’s, transferring constant reliable power ,yet remaining surprisingly quiet while operating at full operational speed. With Smooth Speed, a trademark of the JET 708315BTC  table saw, V-belt technology prolongs motor life and adequate cooling with no interruptions of RPM’s noticed, regardless of thickness or length of materials being cut. Additional features of the JET 708315BTC  table saw include:
• Easy folding stand for convenient storage and set-up
• Rubber hand grips on each end allow for mobility and comfort while transporting
• Unique design base allows for adequate tool storage, keeping all tools in place with the saw
• Heavy duty 15 Amp motor with quiet, smooth “soft start” capabilities
• Large telescoping, well-balanced, extensions wings, to either side, providing 25” of ripping surface
• Unique dust shroud design makes dust and chip removal easy and safe
• Aluminum extruded rails ensures a square fenced with accurate sliding precision
There is an un-limited amount of benefits that are commonplace with the use of the JET 708315BTC  table saw. To date, present consumers of the JET 708315BTC  table saw continue to report 100% satisfaction in the overall operation of this highly-crafted machine with full supportive recommendations to all that are considering the initial or replacement purchase of a table saw. Where other competitive table saws merely imply, the JET 708315BTC  performs to all previously set expectations.
With intrinsic overall value, the JET 708315BTC  is more than purchasing a table saw; the Jet 708315BTC-10BT is an investment in a well- engineered piece of equipment that is sure to compliment all other tools in a shop environment or the initial piece in a start-up shop of which all other tools purchases are based. Designed for professionals, the JET 708315BTC  is an ideal table saw for homeowners that require a table saw for home-based projects from deck building to interior remodeling. Measuring only 30-1/4” x 21-25/32”, the standard size of the JET 708315BTC  requires less room, however delivers superior performance that is often found in larger, more cumbersome table saws.
Backed by a fully-unconditional 5 year warranty from motor to overall saw construction and performance, the JET 708315BTC  table saw introduces one of the most prolific warranties available which only exemplifies the superior quality of this small but powerful table saw. Similar competing model warranties often have “attachments” or conditions that are confusing and mis-leading which do not cover main components of their machines leaving costly repairs in the hands of the owner. The JET 708315BTC  table saw 5 year warranty will continue to provide adequate and complete coverage well after all similar competing model warranties have expired.
Rated with a truly deserving and justified 4-1/2 stars out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon. com, the JET 708315BTC  table saw continues to receive acclaimed recognition as one of the most widely selected table saws based on overall value with current pricing falling well below suggested manufactured retail pricing guidelines. Available on Amazon.com at drastically reduced prices over suggested manufacturer retail pricing schedules, the Jet 708315JBT-10BT table saw is perhaps the most under-rated table saw on the market today.
Where superior performance meets reliable durability, the Jet 708315JBT-10BT table saw will continue to excel above and beyond all table saws with rapid growth, expansion, and availability to other markets expected. With recognition of a future investment by leading professional contractors and premier cabinet shops across the country, the JET 708315BTC , will soon be the preferred table saw second-to-none leaving all other competitor models far behind.
Purchasing the correct table saw for any given particular situation and job requirement has at last become a simple task. The JET 708315BTC  table saw is the only table saw that meets and exceeds all previously set expectations and requirements on a continual basis. The Jet 708315JBT-10BT table saw, combined with supportive reviews and recommendations based on present and past usage of actual consumers is more than compelling evidence in the overall quality that is found throughout this small but yet powerful workhorse. Ask any professional woodworker or contractor for their professional opinion on the Jet 708315JBT-10BT table saw. Where assurance and perseverance are commonplace in the selection of a table saw, the JET 708315BTC  is the obvious solution.

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